France performs world’s first virtual reality surgery


This operation has been done with Microsoft Hololense. The AR glasses facilitates access to data like X-rays, scanners and MRIs thanks to uses of 3D reconstructed models directly projected on the patient. It is also possible to prepare the operation with these technologies and, during the surgical intervention, the surgeon could be “assisted” by colleagues.

In french : Replay : une opération chirurgicale en réalité augmentée

Doctors at the Avicenne de Bobigny hospital (Ile-de-France) have successfully completed the world’s first ever augmented-reality surgical operation using 3D models and a virtual reality (VR) headset. Doctor Thomas Grégory, head of orthopedic and traumatic surgery at the university teaching hospital, was able to “see through the skin of his patient” before the shoulder operation, through the use of 3D imaging technology and models created from the 80-year-old patient ahead of time.

Source: France performs world’s first virtual reality surgery

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