ITU and WHO launch new initiative to leverage power of Artificial Intelligence for health

This new initiative from United Nations is very interesting because IA is a fundamental part of the uses of immersives technologies in healthcare. Indeed, extracting useful information from pictures to make a diagnostic means that you have to completely understand the process of extraction. Or when you use IA, links between algorithms and results are often obscur. The “ITU Focus Group on AI for Health” wants to establish standard framework to create and validate IA algorithms. These standards may be used after to create visualization tools with immersives technologies. It’s also interesting to see that this initiative comes from the ‘AI for Good” summit.

Data analytics are certain to form a large part of the ITU focus group’s work. AI systems are proving increasingly adept at interpreting laboratory results and medical imagery and extracting diagnostically relevant information from text or complex sensor streams. As part of this, the ITU Focus Group for AI for Health will also produce an assessment framework to standardize the evaluation and validation of AI algorithms — including the identification of structured and normalized data to train AI algorithms

Source: Press Release

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