10 Promising AI Applications in Health Care

Even if IA is not the Holy Graal of diagnostic in healthcare, it can help medical staff in many way. This article list 10 promising domains where IA will generate revenues in next 5 years. It’s interesting to see that administrative tasks take 51% of nurse’s time and (16%) of physician time. AI should drastically reduce it. AI should also be used as a 24/24 and 7/7 health assistant, responding to patients questions about their health and treatments.

Another area is AI-assisted robotic surgery. In orthopedic surgery, a form of AI-assisted robotics can analyze data from pre-op medical records to physically guide the surgeon’s instrument in real-time during a procedure. It can also use data from actual surgical experiences to inform new surgical techniques. A study of 379 orthopedic patients across nine surgical sites found that an AI-assisted robotic technique created by Mazor Robotics resulted in a five-fold reduction in surgical complications compared

Source: 10 Promising AI Applications in Health Care

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