How Osso VR is Reshaping the Surgical Training Process

Osso VR is a young Boston company which offer a VR solution to train orthopedic surgeons. In this article, Dr. Justin Barad, (CEO) explains how VR could also be use beyond initial training, to measure quantitatily skills for exemple.

Training tests has been done and results are really impressive. Dr. Justin Barad hopes to extend perimeter of Osso VR simulations in the next few months to heart surgery.

With Osso VR, those who are learning new surgeries now have access to clinically accurate simulations. Wearing a VR headset, the user can look around the simulation as they use tools to perform a simulated surgery that Barad claims is extremely similar to the real operation. Research has validated the use of these training modules, with a recent study comparing 10 traditionally trained surgeons to the same number trained with Osso VR. Barad claimed that when observed by a professional, those trained with VR

Source: How Osso VR is Reshaping the Surgical Training Process – Docwire News

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