Augmented-reality navigation technology for precision surgery

In this article a surgery team from Karolinska University Hospital explains the use of augmented reality in collaboration with Philips. Surgeons use real time images with digital overlay during operation to place spinal implants. This “navigation tool” allows a fantastic accuracy and a “3D position check” for implants directly in operation room.

In spine surgery, one of the biggest challenges is to place implants in the vertebrae for the treatment of patients with spinal malformations, fractures, and other back conditions. The margin of error can be as small as 1 millimeter, because the surgical area is right next to the spinal cord and the vertebral artery. To help surgeons navigate through these delicate areas, Karolinska University Hospital is pioneering the use of a new augmented-reality surgical navigation technology developed by Philips, as part of a wider innovation partnership.

Source: Augmented-reality navigation technology for precision surgery – News | Philips

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