Is Virtual Reality the ultimate empathy machine for racism?

In this article Jeremy Bailenson, co-producer of 1,000 Cut Journey movie talks about the real action of VR on people behavior, especially if they are “as though they are in the body of someone else”. The Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University and the Cogburn Research Group at Columbia University shown that is possible to increase empathy for others with the use of virtual reality. The most important factor to get best results is the accuracy of user’s movements tracking.

In creating virtual experiences, we can increase empathy for others, encourage helping behaviors, improve communication strategies, and enhance education. We feel that these types of experiences are important to focus on as VR permeates society. Never before in history could we allow anyone to instantly step into the shoes of someone else.

Source: The Global Search for Education: Is Virtual Reality the Ultimate Empathy Machine for Racism?

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