Virtual reality, augmented reality can improve surgeons’ training

In this article Justin Barad (CEO of Osso VR) summarizes benefits of AR and VR in the surgeon’s training. He lists, of course, many useful (and up-to-date) examples but you can find also inside the text an interesting reflexion about the future of these technologies.

As author explains, immersive technologies in healthcare are more en more complex and it will become a real challenge to explain to surgeons how to use it in the close future. If the training is poor or incomplete, the benefit will be low (but the cost stays the same). So we have to keep in mind that if immersive technologies help training, it’s also mandatory to be trained to use it!

It is up to innovators to collaborate with patients, institutions, industry, professional organizations, and regulatory bodies to recognize the challenges around the rapid introduction of valuable yet complex new technologies. Improving training and communication with virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile apps can help ensure safer surgery and allow innovations to reach their full potential in the health care system.

Source: Virtual reality, augmented reality can improve surgeons’ training – STAT

Picture source : Eric Brinette, French software engineer, uses the ‘VirTeaSy Surgery’ surgery simulator developed by HRV (Haptic Virtual Reality). (JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP/Getty Images)

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