New Study: VR Changes Mood Before Blood Donations

In this article, a study about the impact of VR use on 33 blood donors at the American Red Cross is presented. With only a simple software and a 4 minutes experience with a Oculus Go, authors showed a clear decrease of “needle fear”. The impact on negative feeling is even more impressive on younger people.

This study demonstrated that an inexpensive and brief VR intervention can have a significant positive impact on mood just prior to a needle stick, reducing tension and fatigue and increasing feelings of calmness and happiness in an adult population. This is consistent with other research showing that VR reduces pain and anxiety better than “treatment as usual” in a pediatric population during a routine blood draw [Gold| Maher 2017]. The apparent success of VR in reducing anxiety may be, in part, due to the

Source: New Study: VR Changes Mood Before Blood Donations – StoryUP makers of Healium – Medium

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