Augmented reality prototype software for drug molecules developed

Is it efficient to design drugs and to manipulate molecules “with hands”? A team from company Sygnature have done many tests and they have found this method useful for collaborative work. They used Hololens and 3D rendering software to help biochemists to see shapes and structures interactions. Company now works to integrates all functionalities in a easy-to-use software.

“It’s good for immersing yourself in a completely different world, but you’re there by yourself,’ says Dr Steve St-Gallay, principal scientist, Computational Chemistry. “AR is different – it brings the virtual world into the real world, along with the people around you. It liberates you from the computer screen. If you want to write notes, for example, you can still see your pen and paper. You can’t do that in a VR world.”

Source: Augmented reality prototype for drug molecules developed – EPM Magazine

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