Using augmented reality and presence to treat Arachnophobia

In this article, a study from Wayne State University’s Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety Research Clinic is presented. Situational therapy using AR is not new, but here you will find interesting results of a clinical trail (90 participants).

Experiment was done with Hololens 1 (Microsoft) glasses and specific applications. Next steps presented in this article are the use of Hololens 2 (for a wider field of view) and the creation of a “catalogue of fears” that could be used easily in many cases.

AR-enabled therapy might also be more effective because seeing a wider variety of creatures in different settings can serve to help patients get over fears faster, according to notes shared via the clinical trial.Using several spiders, and two different rooms, the AR-based therapy was able to quickly decrease the fears experienced by those who went through the therapy. People only needed to use the Microsoft device for an hour at a time, and the results stuck after a month, Dr. Arash Javanbakht, the Direc

Source: Using augmented reality and presence to treat Arachnophobia

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