The Road to Augmented Pathology

In this article cellular pathologist Laszlo Igali explains how AR and VR would be used to deeply change medicine in a close future. Pathology for example, methods have been revolutionized these 10 previous years, even if the goal is always to “uncover the secrets behind human tissue”. Imaging technologies now are able to facilitate to whole procedure and, tomorrow, results will be seen in a AR glasses directly on the patient.

Many of the projects with which we are currently involved aim to develop tools for situations ripe for AR exploitation. For example, in the frozen section room, an AR headset could record the user’s actions, generate useful information from various data sources, take photos for a 3D render, transcribe, and make video calls to discuss where and how to cut the sample (3D-rendered for the caller’s convenience). It could also deal with patient safety tasks and even the volumetric measurement of biological sampl

Source: The Road to Augmented Pathology

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