XRHealth launches VR telehealth clinic

The “VR Telehealth Clinic” of XRHealth was lauched last month in 8 US states. The goal is to help patients to be well at home and, at the same time, constantly monitored by a physician. The system is covered by major US insurance providers.

Patients will be given an assessment by one of XRHealth’s telehealth clinicians. Following this assessment, patients will then get a VR headset in the mail, if they do not already have one. Next a patient will have virtual training, during which the clinical staff will be able to remotely control what is shown on patient’s VR headset and be able to adjust the therapy. Eventually the patient will be able to use the headset independently. However, a patient’s data will continue to be collected during the the

Source: XRHealth launches VR telehealth clinic | MobiHealthNews

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