Leveraging Augmented Reality in Pharma Manufacturing with PTC

In this use case presented by PTC we can understand how a pharmaceutical company uses augmented reality (and remote expertise) to improve the SOP (Standard operating procedure) management. The technology helps front-line workers to be trained on SOP and reduce errors on the field. There is also a interesting part on the process to capture expert skills (and how to create training process).

According to the customer, new workers are tasked with learning 250 SOPs before being allowed on the factory floor. By having strong work aides to accompany SOPs, this allows workers to be trained more efficiently resulting in more confidence, greater knowledge retention, less training time, more productivity, and fewer errors. This global industry leader was looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce operating costs, especially around managing their thousands of SOPs.

Source: Leveraging Augmented Reality in Pharma Manufacturing | PTC

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