New medical society studies how metaverse will change healthcare

The medical community recently inaugurated a society to research how to apply metaverse, a convergence of virtual and physical space, to the healthcare sector.On Thursday, professors from the Seoul National University College of Medicine launched the “Medical Metaverse Research Society.”The group ai Source: New medical society studies how metaverse will change healthcare < Device/ICT < … Read more

Are Biotech Startups Ready for Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is increasingly being used to maintain and optimize biomanufacturing processes, which can bring economic benefits for biotech and pharma companies long term. In addition, the technology can provide remote work and knowledge-sharing options, which have proven particularly relevant in pandemic times. However, especially for small to medium-sized life science companies, a better … Read more

How Augmented Reality Strengthens Biotech Manufacturing

As in other industries, biotech and pharmaceutical industry increased the use of augmented reality in production processes. In this article you can discovers some of these uses but also pain points reducing the diffusion of good practices. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst to embracing new ways of working. Travel restrictions and limited access … Read more

Hospitals Lead in Augmented Reality Use 

In this short summary you may be surprised by the high fraction of AR users in healthcare buildings domain. As in other fields of construction, augmented reality is now a mandatory technology to accelerate projects. According to the report “2021 State of Augmented Reality in Facilities Management,” 30 percent of healthcare buildings are using augmented … Read more

Virtual reality solutions helping to improve bioscience training at Teesside University

Losses and mistakes within biopharmaceutical processes can be significant, with the potential to cost millions of dollars in lost batches. Process operators can be exposed to anomalous situations which are difficult to train and prepare for in a live, lab-based environment.The National Horizons Centre team, led by Professor Gary Montague and Dr Mahmudul Hassan has … Read more

Scandinavian Health Ltd deploying Vuzix M400 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses to provide remote support services

The company also stated that COVID-19 has also made it very difficult for SHL to travel and gather for engineering training. With the Vuzix M400 smart glasses, engineering staff can now be trained remotely and provided hands-free setup and guidance for new equipment activations in the field. Finally, on-site visits by vendors located overseas used … Read more

Leveraging Augmented Reality in Pharma Manufacturing with PTC

In this use case presented by PTC we can understand how a pharmaceutical company uses augmented reality (and remote expertise) to improve the SOP (Standard operating procedure) management. The technology helps front-line workers to be trained on SOP and reduce errors on the field. There is also a interesting part on the process to capture … Read more

Schwan Cosmetics : assurer la maintenance des machines avec la réalité augmentée

Ce cas d’usage explique comme Schwan Cosmetics utilise la réalité augmentée pour assurer la maintenance de ses outils partout dans le monde. Les machines requises pour la fabrication sont développées et produites par Schwan Cosmetics, dans son siège principal de Heroldsberg, près de Nuremberg, et sont exploitées sur huit sites dans le monde entier. Comme … Read more

AMRC produces AR headsets to manufacture medical ventilators

In UK, the creation of the “Ventilator Challenge UK” has request a rapid switch for industrial people. The use of augmented reality to acquire new skills has been crucial. Rather than putting wearers of the headset in a fully computer-generated world, as virtual reality does, HoloLens allows users to place 3D digital models in the … Read more

Evolving healthcare design with virtual reality technology

Building hospitals and, in particular, operating rooms is very complex. The cost could increase dramatically if a little mistake is done during the design process. In this article authors explain how 3D modeling (not only virtual reality) simplifies this collaborative task and helps people to imagine new solutions. It allows for immediate experiences and on-demand reconfigurations … Read more