FundamentalVR Expands Surgical Training Platform Support to Oculus Quest

The new version of FundamentalVR tool allows to use stand alone ¬†headsets from Oculus and HTC. It’s a major ecolution to decrease devices cost for users. British tech company FundamentalVR has been at the forefront of virtual reality (VR) training in the healthcare system, primarily focused on surgical education via its Fundamental Surgery platform. Today, … Read more

Effects of Immersive Virtual Reality Headset Viewing on Young Children: Visuomotor Function, Postural Stability, and Motion Sickness.

This study on the effect of a VR headset on young people (under 10 years old) is based on a 50 children. The result shows that one hour use of VR induce not effect (directly or after a period of time). Young children tolerate fully immersive 3D virtual reality game play without noteworthy effects on … Read more