Bringing virtual reality to the lab at Novartis

At Novartis, virtual reality is used to understand complex interactions between molecules. It’s a way to facilitate communication between chemist and biologist about drug design and protein’s interactions.   Viktor Hornak, an investigator in the Global Discovery Chemistry department at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR), is driving an effort to adapt VR tools for use … Read more

How Virtual Reality Takes Scientists Inside New Molecules

With this very impressive installation, Pfizer R&D team explores the complexity of molecular actions in brain (and in 3D!) At Pfizer’s Research & Development hub in Cambridge, Mass., chemists, neuroscientists and other researchers use 3D VisBox technology to visualize and virtually explore the human body at the molecular level. Source: How Virtual Reality Takes Scientists … Read more

Pharma wades into the world of virtual reality marketing

Why to use VR and 360° videos in Pharma industries, especially for communication ? Because like in any other domains, it’s immersive and engaging ! In the realm of marketing, the draw of VR stems from its immersive quality. VR headsets provide 360-degree sights and surround sound, while more advanced versions incorporate touch and smells. … Read more

Surgeons use HoloLens to peer into patients’ legs

At St. Mary’s Hospital a team from Imperial College London use a Hololens to see “inside” the body and to prepare surgical interventions. All of the patients first underwent CT scans, to obtain 3D images of the bones and blood vessels in the injured limb. When the HoloLens-wearing doctors were subsequently performing the surgery, those images … Read more

Expect augmented reality to come up big for pharma marketers

Today augmented reality could be use for many thing in healthcare : to educate professionals, to share with customers or to help them to visualize new concepts. As Arno Sosna (Veeva Systems) say in this article, it’s only the beginning ! “We see augmented reality as another content format,” Sosna said. “There’s an opportunity to go one step … Read more

FollowKnee, une prothèse de genou connectée imprimée en 3D

Le projet FollowKnee a ppour ambition de créer une prothèse 100% connectée, destinée à améliorer la pose puis la rééducation des patients. Sélectionné dans le cadre du programme d’investissement d’avenir, FollowKnee est financé à hauteur de 24 millions d’euros dont un tiers par l’Agence Nationale de la Recherche. Il aurait commencé en début d’année et devrait … Read more