Des hologrammes veilleront à l’apprentissage des enfants autistes

La société Actimage développe un programme en collaboration avec le CHRU de Nancy et l’Institut Pasteur pour aider les personnes autistes à augmenter leur autonomie. A l’aide d’un Hololens de Microsoft, Hol’Autisme met les utilisateurs “en situation” et permet de récolter des données pour adapter les scénarios. L’objectif est d’en faire un système meilleur marché … Read more

10 Promising AI Applications in Health Care

Even if IA is not the Holy Graal of diagnostic in healthcare, it can help medical staff in many way. This article list 10 promising domains where IA will generate revenues in next 5 years. It’s interesting to see that administrative tasks take 51% of nurse’s time and (16%) of physician time. AI should drastically reduce it. AI should also … Read more

Challenge IA, Observatoire de l’IA… Comment Pierre Fabre accélère sa transformation digitale

La data est une ressource précieuse pour toutes les entreprises, y compris les groupes pharmaceutiques. Le groupe Pierre Fabre et en particulier sa branche “médicaments et santé” l’a bien compris en multipliant les initiatives d’open innovation comme ce “IA Challenge Santé” organisé il y a quelques semaines à Castres. De telles actions permettent à la … Read more

Seoul sets standards for VR and AR medical devices – Korea Biomedical Review

We are probably going to see more and more AR and VR parts in future medical devices and it’s interesting to see that a innovative country like Korea works on adapted guidelines. The main goal is to help companies to develop such a tools. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) published a guideline … Read more

Virtual reality allows multiple scientists to ‘walk’ through cancer cells

As you may known, 3D cell environments are very relevant to test drugs as its mimic human body much more precisely than 2D experiments (It’s why we develop BIOMIMESYS® in HCS Pharma). But to understand drugs action and efficacy you also need 3D visualization tools. In this article, you will discover how a team from … Read more

ITU and WHO launch new initiative to leverage power of Artificial Intelligence for health

This new initiative from United Nations is very interesting because IA is a fundamental part of the uses of immersives technologies in healthcare. Indeed, extracting useful information from pictures to make a diagnostic means that you have to completely understand the process of extraction. Or when you use IA, links between algorithms and results are … Read more