Un miroir en réalité augmentée permet de voir sa future poitrine avant opération

L’usage de la réalité augmentée en médecine et, en particulier, en chirurgie plastique permet de “voir” les modifications avant les interventions. De cette manière le patient ou la patiente est plus rassuré(e) avant l’opération et peut commencer à appréhender sa nouvelle image. Dans cette exemple, c’est le choix d’implants mammaires qui est facilité. La patiente … Read more

Andrew’s Brain: An augmented reality solution to brain trauma communication

What if there was a cost effective, scalable and structured solution to help understand those with acquired brain injuries? What if clinicians, occupational therapists and speech therapists could eliminate basic flash cards and guess work, and use augmented reality to help their patients communicate? In his presentation from the 2018 eHealth Queensland Expo in Brisbane, … Read more

Augmented reality game helps stroke victims recover faster

Strokes are not always fatal but victims have to endure hard rehabilitation to recover forgotten abilities. Regan David Petrie, Victoria University masters of design and innovation student, created a AR game (NZ Fauna AR) to help patients for stroke rehabilitation. The classical game elements like rewards and progressive increasing of difficulty are completed by augmented … Read more

It’s Official, The Transhuman Era Has Begun (for Gartner)

The new Gartner Hype Cycle (2018) is about to be published and this year biology takes a central position in it. To be precise, Gartner talks about to possibility of biology to change our life or even “redefining life” entirely ! And it’s not the future, it’s tomorrow ! The possibilities are amazing, of course, … Read more