Riverside Regional partners to create AR app for scope cleaning

Riverside Regional Medical Center teams want to improve the cleaning of reusable endoscopes. To do this, they work with a AR application which explains step-by-step the process and, by the way, decrease mistakes or omissions Augmented reality apps contain software and sensors, and they can integrate digital visual content into a real-world environment. This content enables … Read more

A Hand‐Eye Calibration Method for Augmented Reality Applied to Computer‐Assisted Orthopedic Surgery

In this article authors present a new calibration method to increase the precision of the position for a Hololens. Using external system combined with embedded SLAM and a “hand‐eye” based approach, it could be possible to lowered uncertainty on Virtual/Real position close to 3 mm. Augmented reality (AR) allows the surgeon to represent holographic patient‐specific … Read more

Treating the fear of spiders with augmented reality at MEDICA – World Forum for Medicine

The “DigiPhobie” project, is developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT. It aims to help people with Arachnophobia because many of them has no treatment. The project use AR glasses to view the fearing object but also an IA software to adapt in real time the fear feeling to emotional state of the … Read more

It’s dangerous to think virtual reality is an empathy machine

Are immersive technologies (and of course VR) THE right tools to share and to develop empathy? According to Erick Ramirez (assistant professor in philosophy at Santa Clara University) it is not so clear because it’s really difficult to put a frontier between empathy and sympathy. Results such as these have led Bailenson and others to … Read more

How Virtual Reality Can Help Fight Dementia

In this article you will discover “Look Back”, a therapy program from the healthcare startup Virtue. Thanks to Virtual Reality, the program help elder people with dementia syndromes to remember their past. Their memories are a a excellent way to remember who they are and where they come from. Some works also show that reminiscent old … Read more