How Virtual Reality Can Help Fight Dementia

In this article you will discover “Look Back”, a therapy program from the healthcare startup Virtue. Thanks to Virtual Reality, the program help elder people with dementia syndromes to remember their past. Their memories are a a excellent way to remember who they are and where they come from. Some works also show that reminiscent old memories help to improve cognitive functions.

Rehman and Gorman are co-founders of the UK-based healthcare startup Virtue, which is focused on helping people age well, meaning they help the elderly maintain their mental health and identity, as well as dignity, as they age. One of their first efforts was to develop Look Back, touted as the the world’s first platform providing immersive reminiscent experiences for people with dementia. Essentially, the program uses VR designed for the elderly, especially people with dementia, to be able to revisit old me

Source: How Virtual Reality Can Help Fight Dementia

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