A body-swapping VR experience for healthcare training for SAGE Publishing.

The SUSAN Project is a learning experience using VR to help future nurse to develop their soft skills in a very particular situation : taking care of a patient with suicidal thoughts. The project is done in partnership with Somewhere Else VR company and a team of UCL MedTech Society. Working with Subject Matter Experts … Read more

Acid test: how psychedelic virtual reality can help end society’s mass bad trip

The first “cyberdelic incubator” is now open in Merbourne with the support of Australian Psychedelic Society. In this place, artists and scientists use VR to explore new states of consciousness. VR exposure therapy is even starting to be used to treat trauma, such as in the case of those who have experienced car accidents and … Read more

Les médecins britanniques peuvent pratiquer Des soins d’urgence en réalité virtuelle

Le National Health Service anglais et la société Oxford Medical Simulation ont mis au point un outil en réalité virtuelle permettant aux médecins de s’entraîner à prendre en charge des patients en urgence diabétique. Le système permet de mieux reconnaître les symptômes et surtout de poser un diagnostique plus rapidement. Le projet est en phase … Read more

Augmented Reality Positioned to Disrupt Children’s Health

Stayhealthy, a Californian company, has chosen to use AR to help children to better know their own body and health. With the application “Color Quest: an Art Adventure” they allow allow children to understand many things by gaming! The company has spent the last twenty years aggressively pursuing science-based research to define the best way … Read more

Physiological Monitoring During Augmented Reality Exercise Confirms Advantages to Health and Well-Being

In this very interesting study about the use of AR as a way to encourage physical exercices, authors demonstrate that results are clear and mesured. AR helps the gamification of exercices and increase the implication of users. The immersion helps also to make exercices for a longer time. This study successfully showed that inexpensive easy-to-use … Read more

Recherche : ils jouent avec des molécules en réalité virtuelle

La réalité virtuelle est de plus en plus utilisée pour “voir” les structures complexes des molécules et pour comprendre les interactions entre composés. L’imagerie 3D est aussi une potentielle utilisatrice de ces technologies. C’est d’ailleurs un des axes de recherche porté par HCS Pharma dans le but de mieux interpréter les résultats des analyses 3D. … Read more