Enabling health care with artificial intelligence in Australia

In this short article from Dhannu Daniel, managing director at Accenture, you will discover that “93% of health executives have AI projects on their agenda” in Australia! The author explains four big areas where these technologies could be useful, mainly by augmenting people possibilities. A healthcare executive survey showed that an impressive 72% of Australian … Read more

Effectiveness of the HoloLens mixed-reality headset in minimally invasive surgery: a simulation-based feasibility study

In this article, authors show that the use of Hololens AR helmet improves endoscopic surgery. With a test panel of 72 people from novice to expert level, this study shows a better efficiency than with conventional screens, especially for less skilled people. This study demonstrates that the device facilitated improved outcomes of performance in novices … Read more

Is virtual reality the next frontier of Alzheimer’s diagnosis?

A research team of Cambridge University published an article last month about the use of VR to test development of dementia. For example, a simple VR test of navigation could help physicians to detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease earlier than with standard cognitive tests. VR technologies could also help to test more accurately specific drugs … Read more

Thermo Fisher Opens VR Training Center In Greenville

Thermo Fisher Scientific (an American biotechnology product development company) use now virtual reality to train new employees in the Greenville’s factory. As the factory looks for more than 100 new people, the VR will be used to shorten training time by up to 50%! For the moment, only a room is operational for 20 persons but other are … Read more

Vicky Smalley presents FundamentalVR at AWE USA 2019

In this video Vicky Smalley (CTO of FundamentalVR) presents company software products and the vision behind present and future developments. She enhances the importance of accurate haptic simulation in surgery training. Our mission at FundamentalVR is to give medical personnel access to the best simulations on a day-to-day basis. We believe that every surgeon should … Read more

Une start-up de Perpignan propose des randonnées virtuelles aux personnes à mobilité réduite

Vythisi est une jeune entreprise de Perpignan qui propose des balades en vidéos 360°. Testées dans plusieurs établissements, l’effet de ces expériences a été surprenante pour l’équipe de l’entreprise et pour le personnel soignant. “Je vois des bateaux, j’entends le clapotis de l’eau, la mer est magnifique !, s’enthousiasme le retraité, ancien passionné de randonnée. … Read more

AI Application in Dentistry and its Benefits

In this short article you will learn how AI is going to transform dentistry in many ways. Of course, this technology will help dentist to find problems on bitewing radiographies (like in many other kind of pictures analysing) but it can also help to design prosthetics and even optimizing operations scheduling! Digitization has not only … Read more

First Major Trial Of VR Therapy For Serious Mental Health Conditions Launches

U.K. National Institute of Health Research has launched a really big project (£4 million funded) to test the efficiency of VR in mental health therapy. This project is called “gameChange” and it evolves many partners (both private and public). In particular, it will test VR products of Oxford VR start-up. The first large-scale trial on … Read more