College of Medicine developing virtual reality training simulation

The Ohio State College of Medicine made a VR simulation to train medical students (and professionals) in a mass-casualty events context. The program has been grant by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for more than 1,8 millions dollars. The new VR simulation — led by Danforth and his co-principal investigator Nicholas Kman, an emergency … Read more

Sauver plus de vies grâce à la réalité virtuelle à la Croix Rouge Française

Dans le cadre de son opération l’Eté qui sauve, la Croix Rouge Française a testé utilisation de la réalité virtuelle pour l’enseignement des premiers secours. Les retours utilisateurs ont été très positifs ce qui encourage la Croix Rouge Française a construire sa propre expérience pour 2020. Alors que 50 % de notre panel de 200 … Read more

Augmented reality : A new frontier in hospital design

For hospitals, like for many other building, augmented reality is a great help to easy the conception step with true users. Architects use it to show how the building will be and to collect users’ opinion. In this article authors gives many illustration of AR and VR uses in this view. Even the most experienced … Read more

Virtual Reality Check: Statistical Power, Reported Results, and the Validity of Research on the Psychology of Virtual Reality and Immersive Environments

In this article authors perform a meta-analyse over more than a thousand statistical tests related to uses of VR in psychology. The study is mainly focused on statistical consistency and explore main errors seen in scientific papers. They also talk about “usual” bias in selected samples. The conclusions may seem harsh to you but it … Read more

Johnson & Johnson wants to bring VR to doctors-in-training worldwide

In her presentation at the last Oculus Connect 6 event, Sandra Humbles explained how the Johnson & Johnson Institute want to increase the use ofOculus Quest in surgery training. In partnership with Osso VR, they have shown the efficiency of virtual training for new surgeons, just one year after the launch of their “global virtual … Read more

Un tapis de course en RV pour le centre de revalidation de l’UZ Gent

Le centre de revalidation de l’UZ Gent complète son “Smart Space” avec un système de marche incluant un écran immersif pour aider les utilisateurs à entrer dans un monde les encourageant à se déplacer. Plusieurs études ont montré que cette équipement et la motivation qu’il induit, entraine une améliorations des conditions physiques des patients. “Nous … Read more

Augmented reality prototype software for drug molecules developed

Is it efficient to design drugs and to manipulate molecules “with hands”? A team from company Sygnature have done many tests and they have found this method useful for collaborative work. They used Hololens and 3D rendering software to help biochemists to see shapes and structures interactions. Company now works to integrates all functionalities in … Read more