How VR Is Helping Visually Impaired Patients Regain Close To Normal Levels Of Sight

SightPlus, a product from GiveVision , allows patients with sight loss to significantly improve their sight. A study from Moorfields Eye Hospital shows impressive results with more than ” 98% of patients saw their vision improve by an average of six lines on a sight test chart when they used the device.” We founded GiveVision … Read more

Oxford VR Therapy Platform Lands £10 Million In Investment

Oxford VR, founded in 2017 offers services in VR therapy against fear of heights and social anxiety. The company, which span out of Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry in 2017, raised the money in a Series A round of funding led by Optum Ventures. According to a press release, the new funds will “enable Oxford … Read more

The digital future of the healthcare industry

Look at this travel in the close future for healthcare, done by authors from the “NHS Long Term Plan” (UK). Revolutions? By 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to help clinicians in applying best practice and supporting patients in managing their health and condition. Predictive techniques will be used to support local health systems … Read more

Simulation médicale : dans la peau du chirurgien

Revinax développe depuis plusieurs années un écosystème d’outils au service des chirurgiens, à la fois pour les aider dans les étapes de formation et dans celles propres aux opérations. Comme le précise son cofondateur, Maxime Ros, l’objectif n’est pas de remplacer le praticien mais de lui donner toutes les informations pour l’aider à améliorer son … Read more

The devices, software and other health tech headlines of CES 2020

In this article, author lists many connected devices presented at the last CES. Always between health and wellness, these products will easy everyday life (we hope!) but also highlight the problem of personal data.  CES is back again with scores of new consumer tech products in tow, and digital health is no exception. Players big … Read more

Health Scholars, the Virtual Reality Healthcare Training Platform, Raises $17M in Series B funding

With this new round of fundraising , Health Scholars wants to improve quality and quantity of training modules. They also will be able to increase the number of hospital partnerships. Health Scholars, known for their VR simulations and cloud-based training platform utilized for management, delivery, and analysis of clinical training, is excited to announce the … Read more

Medical training startup Touch Surgery secures $70m in debt funding just before acquisition by Medtronic

British startup Touch Surgery has borrowed $70 million to fund its training technology for doctors, according to the Telegraph.The newspaper reported that Touch Surgery arranged the loan in October last year, after having previously raised $19.5 million from the Silicon Valley venture capital fund 8VC. Source: Medical training startup Touch Surgery secures $70m in debt funding … Read more

Expérimentation inédite dans la Nièvre : la réalité augmentée pour améliorer la vie des déficients mentaux

Le laboratoire de recherche et d’étude sur le mouvement de Nevers lance avec le foyer de Saint-Andelain une étude sur l’impact de l’utilisation de la réalité augmentée sur la plasticité cérébrale. Plusieurs personnes ayant des déficiences mentales vont s’entrainer pendant plusieurs mois avec une paire de lunettes Hololens de Microsoft et leur capacités sera mesurée. … Read more

Virtual Patient Project Aims To Develop Smarter Medical Students

This is a very exiting project, leaded by a research team from University of Texas at Dallas and support by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). It’s about the use of virtual interactions to improve medical students communication skills. The team develops a virtual patient, called Walter with a a degree of emotional … Read more