XRHealth launches VR telehealth clinic

The “VR Telehealth Clinic” of XRHealth was lauched last month in 8 US states. The goal is to help patients to be well at home and, at the same time, constantly monitored by a physician. The system is covered by major US insurance providers. Patients will be given an assessment by one of XRHealth’s telehealth … Read more

The future of doctor training is video games and robots

Are games good to train physicians and medical professionals ? The startup Level Ex thinks yes and offers many applications to illustrate this principle! Level Ex is one of several companies reimagining ongoing medical education for doctors. There are a bevy of technologies entering this space, including virtual reality, augmented reality, video games like those … Read more

Johnson & Johnson va déployer 150 casques Oculus Quest pour former des chirurgiens en réalité virtuelle

Avec ce déploiement, Johnson & Johnson veut collecter les données provenant de l’entraînement des chirurgiens, mais aussi obtenir leurs retours d’expériences. Pour l’instant, l’entreprise pharmaceutique a déjà utilisé la réalité virtuelle pour former des chirurgiens dans ses 24 instituts de formations. Mais ce n’est que le début de l’utilisation de cette technologie, et si les … Read more

Managing pain through distraction

A research team from the University of Malta uses VR to help people to “forget” pain by distraction. Alexiei Dingli, a professor at the Department of Artificial Intelligence, and his team are developing an application named Morpheus, which will help reduce pain in patients without the use of medication. The app will be downloadable on … Read more

Microscopes go high-tech thanks to startup Augmentiqs

The updated version developed by Augmentiqs, a startup founded in 2016, is an electro-optic device combining software and hardware that integrates within existing microscopes, connecting them to a PC and transforming them into smart and connected instruments. In this article, Augmentiqs presents his technology to augment optical microscope. This device allows pathologists to tag information … Read more

R.I. Hospital utilizes 3D, Augmented, Virtual Reality

A team from Rhode Island Hospital uses Hololens glasses to improve health education. With the help of the university’s library they also build a free repository of scientific ressources. The team focused on creating an augmented reality representation — a holoimage — of patient anatomy. These holoimage representations are hologram-like projections that are fixed in … Read more

Evolving healthcare design with virtual reality technology

Building hospitals and, in particular, operating rooms is very complex. The cost could increase dramatically if a little mistake is done during the design process. In this article authors explain how 3D modeling (not only virtual reality) simplifies this collaborative task and helps people to imagine new solutions. It allows for immediate experiences and on-demand reconfigurations … Read more