Diligent Robotics raises $10 million for nurse assistant robot Moxi

Moxi is designed to reduce nurse workloads by handling tasks like collecting supplies, gathering soiled linens, and delivering fresh ones, and it’s coming to market during the COVID-19 crisis, when nurses are in short supply. In addition to tackling mundane aspects of the job, the robot can also help reduce health care professionals’ exposure to … Read more

Augmedics Employees Lead $15 Million Series B Financing to Secure and Successfully Launch Company Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Augmedics has closed a new round to secure the commercialization of the xvision Spine System. Augmedics, a pioneer in augmented reality surgical image guidance, has raised $15 million in Series B financing, led by its U.S. staff. In a nearly unprecedented move, the company’s employees formed limited liability company AUG Management … Read more

Anne-Sophie Milcent : une thèse aux petits soins de l’interaction Humain-Machine

Les personnages virtuels sont-ils en capacité de générer des réactions émotionnelles et empathiques chez l’utilisateur ? Quels sont les facteurs qui peuvent induire l’empathie et comment ?Toutes ces questions, qui ne trouvent pas de réponse immédiate, elle les a mis au service de la Recherche, dans le cadre d’une thèse CIFRE, partageant son temps entre le LAMPA … Read more

Un nouveau diplôme universitaire sur l’intelligence artificielle appliquée à la santé

La formation, pilotée par l’unité mixte de développement professionnel continu en santé (UMDPCS),  le département du service commun de formation continue et par alternance de l’université de Bourgogne (SEFCA), a été conçue en partenariat avec plusieurs organismes : CESI École d’ingénieurs, le CHU Dijon Bourgogne, le Centre Hospitalier Georges-François Leclerc et le Pôle BFCare qui fédère … Read more

Translating VR Research into Medical Impact with Walther Greenleaf Ph.D., webinar July 1st | 12:00 PM EDT

Dr. Walter Greenleaf will discuss his work and vision relative to the state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) in the field of medicine and wellbeing. His talk will also highlight his insights on how scientific rigger and research is critical to the establishment of viable new knowledge and products for medical use in this time of popular … Read more

En Grande-Bretagne, la NHS se réjouit des bénéfices de la formation des soignants en réalité virtuelle

L’étude dévoilée par la NIH (United Kingdom National Health Service) montre que la formation des personnels de santé pour traiter des patients atteints du COVID-19 tire un bénéfice important de l’utilisation de la réalité virtuelle. Non seulement l’efficacité de la transmission d’informations et de gestes est fortement accrue mais l’agilité du dispositif le rend moins … Read more

Precision OS Launches Multiplayer Tool For VR Surgical Training

Multi-users function is now integrated in the “Precision OS” tools and allows people to learn surgical process together. The enhancement grants multiple users in different locations simultaneous access to the same learning module. The platform runs with the Oculus Quest headset, making it a portable and cost-effective option that could theoretically be used anywhere in … Read more

FundamentalVR Expands Surgical Training Platform Support to Oculus Quest

The new version of FundamentalVR tool allows to use stand alone  headsets from Oculus and HTC. It’s a major ecolution to decrease devices cost for users. British tech company FundamentalVR has been at the forefront of virtual reality (VR) training in the healthcare system, primarily focused on surgical education via its Fundamental Surgery platform. Today, … Read more

AMRC produces AR headsets to manufacture medical ventilators

In UK, the creation of the “Ventilator Challenge UK” has request a rapid switch for industrial people. The use of augmented reality to acquire new skills has been crucial. Rather than putting wearers of the headset in a fully computer-generated world, as virtual reality does, HoloLens allows users to place 3D digital models in the … Read more

Surgical Superpowers: When Virtual Reality Becomes Real

In this article you will discover some of the top Seattle startups which work in immersive healthcare technologies like Pyrus Medical or Exonicus. There are not enough patients at every hospital to support the skills needed to do these kind of [complicated surgical] procedures,” Seslar says. “And so I think we need to find another … Read more