NIH awards Baylor Scott & White Research Institute R01 grant for surgical simulator study

The Baylor Scott & White Research Institute (Dallas, USA) will work on a VR simulator to improve hiatal hernia surgery training. This work is supported by the US National Institutes of Health and should go up to the complete validation of the process. It is lead by Dr Ganesh Sankaranarayanan who has worked on many immersive tools … Read more

Virtual reality in research and rehabilitation of gait and balance in Parkinson disease

In this review authors show today results of VR uses in Parkinson disease rehabilitation and emphasize the lack of large studies on this topic. They also give advices for future studies and clinical trials. This Review examines the rationale and evidence for using VR in the assessment and rehabilitation of people with PD, makes recommendations … Read more

Introduction Video for Patient Participation in VR Research Studies

Jefferson Health (Philadelphia, USA) made a short video to explain as clearly as possible what is VR (and why to use it) to patients, before they enter in a VR research study. It is useful to inform the patient (of course) but also help them to understand better the survey form, and it improve quality … Read more

Self-Administered Skills-Based Virtual Reality Intervention for Chronic Pain: Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

In this article authors follow several goals around VR uses in pain treatment. They want in particular to test the possibility for patient to be autonomous in using these technologies and check their engagement. Even if the sample patient is small, results are very encouraging and demonstrate efficiency and real engagement. The VR and audio … Read more

Des chirurgiens mènent une opération à 15 km de distance grâce à la 5G

La présentation de cette intervention à distance met l’accent sur la faible latence apportée par la technologie 5G et ses possibilités dans les futures interventions. L’article précise toutefois qu’il faudra encore un peu de temps pour que cette possibilité devienne courante. L’intervention avait ainsi été réalisée sur place par un robot chirurgical commandé à distance … Read more

Meet The Companies Using VR To Treat Coronavirus-Related Stress And Anxiety

In this article, Simon Chandler presents some VR software used today to fight stress due to actual pandemic. Both COVID patients and healthcare professionals use AR and VR to do meditation and relaxation. What’s significant about the use of VR and AR for anxiety relief is that both offer a greater sense of reality and … Read more

Chirurgie des tumeurs du foie en réalité augmentée

Dans ce dossier, les auteurs font le point sur l’utilisation de la réalité augmentée dans la préparation et la réalisation d’opération chirurgicales complexes des tumeurs du foie. Les tumeurs intrahépatiques sont difficiles à localiser en chirurgie par cœlioscopie. La réalité augmentée permet de superposer les images préopératoires (TDM ou IRM) à l’image peropératoire. Le geste … Read more

Icelandic VR Meditation Studio Receives $500K Funding

Both Flow and RetinaRisk will use a part of this founding to accelerate the international development of their products. Company Flow has also announced that its software will be adapted to individual uses and not only corporate. Iceland Venture Studio, a fund devoted to growing Icelandic tech startups, has announced that it has raised USD … Read more

Leveraging Virtual Reality In Skilled Nursing Facilities

In this article Joel Landau (founder of “the Allure Group”) explains the implementation of VT technologies in his company and why he thinks it’s a game changer for the skilled nursing facilities. As VR technology continues to improve, incorporating additional sensory engagement modalities will increase the range to which VR can be applied. I see … Read more

Leveraging Augmented Reality in Pharma Manufacturing with PTC

In this use case presented by PTC we can understand how a pharmaceutical company uses augmented reality (and remote expertise) to improve the SOP (Standard operating procedure) management. The technology helps front-line workers to be trained on SOP and reduce errors on the field. There is also a interesting part on the process to capture … Read more