Unlocking Healthcare’s “Digital Front Door” with Integrated Virtual Care

In this discussion, panelists talk about engage patients in virtual care. It is not focused on immersive technologies but question are close. Panelists talk about experiences “on the field” where each patient is unique and where many issues come from technical points. How to give right device to the right person? How to help him … Read more

Dubai Internet City hosts live session on growing importance of VR in mental wellness

Find in this article a short summary of a session dedicated to mental illness and VR in the last Dubai Internet City. The talk heard from Daniel Khayat, Head of Product at HTC VIVE, Niclas Wijkstrom, Co-Founder and CEO of Mimerse, and Dr Sameer Kishore, Head & Founder of Immersive VRx Lab and a Senior … Read more

Why the future of surgery training could start with a VR headset

In this article Erik Maltais, CEO of Immertec, lists all benefits of VR in the training of future surgeons. Of course it allows to make training more accessible but also amplifies the disponibility of very high skilled surgeons. “The benefit of virtual reality is that you could provide that experience as if someone’s present,” said … Read more

Singapore Medical Students Learning through Virtual Reality and Gamification

NUS have released how they are enabling their medical students from the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine to experience the process of patient safety and immersion in operating theatre procedures through virtual reality (VR).The students have been able to learn about the entire flow of the peri-operative setting: from dental clearance to anaesthesia … Read more

Lucine, soulager la douleur grâce à la thérapie numérique

Maryne Cotty Eslous, fondatrice de Lucine, revient sur les début de l’entreprise et nous explique le long cheminements des thérapies digitales dans le domaine de la santé. La thérapie digitale, aussi appelée DTx, est sur un secteur d’activité qui a 10 ans. On en est aujourd’hui à la troisième génération de compagnie DTx : La première … Read more

Annenberg creates virtual reality video demonstrating treatment for coronavirus patients

A digital design specialist at the Annenberg School for Communication created a 360-degree virtual reality video demonstrating COVID-19 treatment practices in order to prepare medical staff in remote locations to respond to a possible spike in cases. Through operation on a mannequin, the video depicts a doctor treating a COVID-19 patient suffering from respiratory failure. … Read more