The Surgery Patient’s Perspective on VR Technology

In this short interview Danielle Collins explain how the use of VR has been a extraordinary tool to better understand a very risky brain surgery. With Surgical Theater software, she was “in” her own brain to see the problematic artery. I saw the site of the hemorrhage and could understand that the surgery was necessary. … Read more

Psychothérapie et réalité virtuelle aux Éditions Odile Jacob

Le Dr Eric Malbos publie un livre en collaboration avec Rodolphe Oppenheimer, où il partage presque 20 ans d’utilisations des technologies immersives dans les soins liés à la santé mentale. Une approche didactique qui permet à tous de mieux comprendre comment ces technologies peuvent améliorer la vie des patients. Comment ne plus avoir peur de … Read more

Dr. Jazini Performs World’s First Laminectomy With Augmented Reality

This surgery (performed at Reston Hospital Center – USA) has been made with the Xvision AR system from Augmedics company. It allows a less invasive operation with a shorter recovery time. This surgical procedure, also known as decompression, creates space and enlarges the spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. The use … Read more

Mixed Reality Display Improves Cardiac Ablation Accuracy

The results showed there was no difference in navigation times with either ELVIS or EAMS, but the physicians were significantly more accurate with ELVIS, with an error margin of just 2.99 mm, compared to 4.50 mm for EAMS. When translated to cardiac ablation outcomes, 34% of the ablation lesions created using EAMS would be made … Read more

Real-time Augmented Reality Three-dimensional Guided Robotic Radical Prostatectomy: Preliminary Experience and Evaluation of the Impact on Surgical Planning

AR-3D guided surgery is useful for improving the real-time identification of the index lesion and allows changing of the NS approach in approximately one out of three cases, with overall appropriateness of 94.4%. In this article, authors measure the improvement of accuracy in a prostatectomy du to AR guided tool. Source: Real-time Augmented Reality Three-dimensional … Read more