VR in Therapy: VR’s Positive Impact on Mental Health – VRFocus

A review article on the use of RV in treatment of mental illness. Even if numbers are from the UK, it highlights all benefices for patients and therapists. There is currently a clinical trial taking place across NHS trusts throughout the UK, the largest of its kind, led by the University of Oxford and Oxford … Read more

New AI ‘virtual patient’ technology to aid NHS medical training

The Virti technology has been developed since several years but the 2020 pandemic was a real boost in usages sharing. This application was awarded by  TIME’s best inventions of 2020. The “virtual patient” uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition and “narrative branching” to simulate realistic patient responses in life-like medical role-plays. The AI impacts … Read more

Innova’s Virtual Patients Offer Cost-Effective VR Medical Training

The virtual patient created by Prof. Dr. Tsai Tsuen-chiuan allows medical student to train in clinical decision making in a very safe way. Founded by Prof. Dr. Tsai Tsuen-chiuan, a pediatrician teaching at Kaohsiung Medical University, and CEO and surgeon Dr. Chen Teh-fang, offers students a robust healthcare education platform that provides doctors-in-training with the … Read more

VRx: How Virtual Therapeutics will Revolutionize Medicine

When most people think of virtual reality (VR), they think of a gaming technology and big, funny-looking goggles. But VR is so much more than that. When used in the right way, at the right time, VR leverages our power to imagine when we need it the most and can help improve quality of life. … Read more

Virtual reality solutions helping to improve bioscience training at Teesside University

Losses and mistakes within biopharmaceutical processes can be significant, with the potential to cost millions of dollars in lost batches. Process operators can be exposed to anomalous situations which are difficult to train and prepare for in a live, lab-based environment.The National Horizons Centre team, led by Professor Gary Montague and Dr Mahmudul Hassan has … Read more

La réalité virtuelle pour apprendre les gestes anti-Covid

L’utilisation de plusieurs modules de formations en accès libre permet aux collaborateurs de tester cette solution sans appréhension et en lien avec les autres modes de formation. À Limoges, c’est grâce à une étroite collaboration avec l’université et le CHU que l’Ehpad des Cinq Sens bénéficie d’un équipement inédit qui va permettre aux infirmiers, aux … Read more

L’Hôpital Privé de la Baie dans la Manche, 1er établissement en France à intégrer la réalité virtuelle pour prévenir les risques au bloc opératoire

Les formations en réalité virtuelle utilisées par l’Hôpital de la Baie fournissent un complément indispensable aux formations classiques à un coût raisonnable et en évitant de mobiliser les lieux stratégiques comme les blocs opératoires. Avec l’innovation comme moteur, les équipes de bloc de l’Hôpital Privé de la Baie ont travaillé en lien avec l’Institut de … Read more

A Review on the Applications of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in Surgical Simulation: An Extension to Different Kinds of Surgery

In this very complete review, authors explain how AR and VR are now mandatory in surgery training and why visual rendering and haptic feedback are the key points of success. The key components for incorporating VR into surgical simulators are visual and haptic rendering. These components ensure that the user is completely immersed in the … Read more

Seniors escape isolation of pandemic with the help of virtual reality

A new example of the use of VR to fight loneliness for elder people. As Dr Roger Tabbatt explains, it’s not only a consequence of the actual pandemic but a major change in the care of retired. Recreational therapist Roger Tabbatt began adding virtual reality as a way to not only entertain patients but also … Read more

XRHealth announces Virtual Reality therapy application to help treat ADHD

In this article the XRHealth VR application in presented and all modules are explained. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children and during the pandemic, this VR solution could help many people. XRHealth, a provider of therapeutic extended reality (XR) solutions, has recently announced a new virtual reality (VR) … Read more