Incremed is putting the AR in healthcare

Building on the skills of its interdisciplinary, Zurich-based team specialised in medical augmented reality (AR) software development, and its collaborations with international medical staff and the medical technology (medtech) industry, Incremed produces technological products that are based on real clinical needs. Source: Incremed is putting the AR in healthcare

The Applicability of Virtual Reality-Based Training for Controlling Anger in Aggressive Individuals

These results indicate that the VR environments can provide an effective means of trainings for managing anger. Therefore, further research on the effectiveness of the VR-based anger control training program is worthy conducting in individuals who express excessive aggression. Source: The Applicability of Virtual Reality-Based Training for Controlling Anger in Aggressive Individuals | Cyberpsychology, Behavior, … Read more

Project for Futuristic Surgical Training Receives CHF 12 Million in Funding

The Swiss Federal Agency for Innovation Promotion (Innosuisse) is supporting the “PROFICIENCY” project, in which ORamaVR S.A. is a full partner, with a total of CHF 12 million over the next four years. The project initiates a paradigm shift in practical training in surgery: Away from primary training in the operating room (OR) towards innovative, … Read more

Can VR and AR Help with Phobias?

AR and VR are currently being used in a host of real-world medical scenarios. And medical practitioners themselves are increasingly realising the benefits of the technology. According to GlobalData’s 2021 poll on digital health in neurology, 18% of 109 industry respondents thought AR and VR solutions would be the most suitable technology to treat mental … Read more

Virtual Reality Therapy Could Give Relief to Seniors

While studies suggest that traditional reminiscence therapy can significantly improve the well-being of older people, V.R. has the potential to make it more immersive and impactful. By putting on a headset, Mr. Faulkner could walk along the virtual Cliffs of Moher in western Ireland, just as he’d done with his wife several years earlier. Source: … Read more

Virtual reality in ophthalmology education: simulating pupil examination

It has been used with over 250 final year medical students in Queen’s University of Belfast, as part of a session called ‘The Simulated Eye Clinic’. Most had never used VR before, and there was usually a shocked but delighted reaction when they put the headset on and immediately became immersed into a virtual world. … Read more

The role and effectiveness of augmented reality in patient education: A systematic review of the literature

Quantitative results indicated that the use of AR had a positive effect on knowledge retention and patient satisfaction. Qualitative findings suggested that patients liked the technology and felt comfortable with its use for educational purposes. The quality of the retrieved results was shown to be moderate to low. Source: The role and effectiveness of augmented … Read more

New Center Brings Virtual Reality Research Into Focus

The University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) is the joint recipient of $4.75 million in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to establish a new Center for Medical Innovations in Extended Reality. The center, known as MIXR, will help accelerate the development of virtual reality, augmented reality, and other immersive media technologies — … Read more

Inside the Effort to Expand Virtual Reality Treatments for Mental Health

Rothbaum and her collaborator, computer scientist Larry Hodges, were set on devising a virtual alternative to traditional exposure therapy, in which therapists help patients confront anxiety-inducing stimuli in real life or by simply visualizing triggers. Using VR meant that Rothbaum didn’t have to rely on her patients’ imaginations, or physically take them to the highest … Read more

Automated virtual reality therapy to treat agoraphobic avoidance and distress in patients with psychosis (gameChange): a multicentre, parallel-group, single-blind, randomised, controlled trial in England with mediation and moderation analyses

Automated VR therapy led to significant reductions in anxious avoidance of, and distress in, everyday situations compared with usual care alone. The mediation analysis indicated that the VR therapy worked in accordance with the cognitive model by reducing anxious thoughts and associated protective behaviours. Source: Automated virtual reality therapy to treat agoraphobic avoidance and distress … Read more