Effects of Immersive Virtual Reality Headset Viewing on Young Children: Visuomotor Function, Postural Stability, and Motion Sickness.

This study on the effect of a VR headset on young people (under 10 years old) is based on a 50 children. The result shows that one hour use of VR induce not effect (directly or after a period of time). Young children tolerate fully immersive 3D virtual reality game play without noteworthy effects on … Read more

Virtual and mixed reality inferior to traditional learning in anatomy education

In this article, a team from McMaster University explains results of its latest study about efficiency of VR and AR in teaching anatomy. Immersive technologies in this case don’t help students and, in the contrary, decrease their results! It’s a good reminder that the technology alone can’t solve all problems. Solutions have to be imagined … Read more

VR drug discovery makes precision therapy a reality | School of Pharmacy

In this article, author explains how pediatric oncologist Beth Apsel Winger and her colleagues from UCSF School of Pharmacy have used VR to design a new drugs for a particular patient. They have developed a special version of the well known visualisation software Chimera called “ChimeraX”. This application allows people to see mutated protein’s shape … Read more

Virtual Reality Check: Statistical Power, Reported Results, and the Validity of Research on the Psychology of Virtual Reality and Immersive Environments

In this article authors perform a meta-analyse over more than a thousand statistical tests related to uses of VR in psychology. The study is mainly focused on statistical consistency and explore main errors seen in scientific papers. They also talk about “usual” bias in selected samples. The conclusions may seem harsh to you but it … Read more

Augmented reality prototype software for drug molecules developed

Is it efficient to design drugs and to manipulate molecules “with hands”? A team from company Sygnature have done many tests and they have found this method useful for collaborative work. They used Hololens and 3D rendering software to help biochemists to see shapes and structures interactions. Company now works to integrates all functionalities in … Read more

Virtual Reality for drug discovery is for real!

As virtual reality technologies becomes more and more accessible, R&D team in biotech try different approaches to use it in they every-day work. In this article, authors explain how it can be used to see (and even to feel!) complex molecular 3D geometry. The exemple of the exploration of this field by Novartis with the … Read more

First Major Trial Of VR Therapy For Serious Mental Health Conditions Launches

U.K. National Institute of Health Research has launched a really big project (£4 million funded) to test the efficiency of VR in mental health therapy. This project is called “gameChange” and it evolves many partners (both private and public). In particular, it will test VR products of Oxford VR start-up. The first large-scale trial on … Read more

La réalité virtuelle pour découvrir des médicaments ?

En recherche et en particulier en biologie, les appareils modernes permettent de récupérer de grandes quantités de données sur les expériences. Même si les progrès de l’ intelligence artificielle permettent de trier et de comprendre de mieux en mieux ces paramètres, les chercheurs doivent pouvoir facilement se les représenter. Pour cela la réalité virtuelle offre … Read more

Mixed Reality Will Soon Be in the Service of Science Labs

In this article you will find a presentation of Holo4Labs tools and a description of potential uses of augmented reality in a science laboratory. This product is in fact a HMI (human-machine interface) to the software solution4labs. In HCS Pharma we have presented a very similar view of the future of laboratories at Forum Labo … Read more

Recherche : ils jouent avec des molécules en réalité virtuelle

La réalité virtuelle est de plus en plus utilisée pour “voir” les structures complexes des molécules et pour comprendre les interactions entre composés. L’imagerie 3D est aussi une potentielle utilisatrice de ces technologies. C’est d’ailleurs un des axes de recherche porté par HCS Pharma dans le but de mieux interpréter les résultats des analyses 3D. … Read more