The role and effectiveness of augmented reality in patient education: A systematic review of the literature

Quantitative results indicated that the use of AR had a positive effect on knowledge retention and patient satisfaction. Qualitative findings suggested that patients liked the technology and felt comfortable with its use for educational purposes. The quality of the retrieved results was shown to be moderate to low. Source: The role and effectiveness of augmented … Read more

Automated virtual reality therapy to treat agoraphobic avoidance and distress in patients with psychosis (gameChange): a multicentre, parallel-group, single-blind, randomised, controlled trial in England with mediation and moderation analyses

Automated VR therapy led to significant reductions in anxious avoidance of, and distress in, everyday situations compared with usual care alone. The mediation analysis indicated that the VR therapy worked in accordance with the cognitive model by reducing anxious thoughts and associated protective behaviours. Source: Automated virtual reality therapy to treat agoraphobic avoidance and distress … Read more

Virtual Reality Training Improves Balance for Patients With Parkinson Disease

A recent systematic review and meta-analysis examined the use of VR to improve balance in patients with PD. The authors conducted the study because previous reviews have found inconsistent conclusions about the efficacy of VR for this population. Source: Virtual Reality Training Improves Balance for Patients With Parkinson Disease

Effectiveness of Augmented Reality in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Meta-Analysis

Augmented reality (AR)-based rehabilitation shows potential to improve upper and lower limb function after stroke. This study aims to review the effect of AR technology in the recovery of the upper and lower limb function in stroke patients. Published randomized controlled trials and observational investigations with adult stroke patients were retrieved from five electronic databases … Read more

Can virtual reality make therapy more effective?

And when it comes to therapy, it would open up to a new subset of people who do not feel comfortable with regular face-to-face interactions, Dr Rogers added.“It might also enable therapists to conduct therapy more effectively at a distance, as a person can be in the therapist room (in virtual reality) while seated in … Read more

A virtual reality ‘Shopping Task’ could help test for cognitive decline in adults

Prof Sukhi Shergill, the study’s lead author from King’s IoPPN and Kent and Medway Medical School (KMMS) said, “Virtual Reality appears to offer us significant advantages over more traditional pen-and-paper methods. The simple act of going to a shop to collect and pay for a list of items is something that we are all familiar … Read more

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Dermatology—Where Do We Stand and What Comes Next?

As the skin is an accessible organ and many dermatological diagnostics still rely on the visual examination and palpation of the lesions, dermatology could be dramatically impacted by augmented and virtual reality technologies. If the emergence of such tools raised enormous interest in the dermatological community, we must admit that augmented and virtual reality have … Read more

Learning anatomy by virtual reality and augmented reality. A scope review

During the last century, there were no significant changes in the teaching methods of anatomy in universities, predominating expositive lectures, and anatomy laboratory activities. With the advent of new technologies, simulators, augmented reality, and virtual reality, new teaching possibilities have emerged that may provide assistance and, in some situations, replace traditional methods of teaching. In … Read more

‘Virtual reality is genuine reality’ so embrace it, says philosopher

“A common way of thinking about virtual realities is that they’re somehow fake realities, that what you perceive in VR isn’t real. I think that’s wrong,” he told the Guardian. “The virtual worlds we’re interacting with can be as real as our ordinary physical world. Virtual reality is genuine reality.” Source: ‘Virtual reality is genuine … Read more

How virtual reality will change how we see ourselves and therapy

There are huge implications for cheap, commonplace, and high-functioning virtual reality, things that Descartes could only dream of. In a fascinating piece, Joakim Vindenes from the University of Bergen writes that this “Virtual Embodiment” in a simulated body has many practical applications:“It can be exploited to reduce implicit racial bias, make offenders of domestic violence … Read more