7 Futuristic Professions In Healthcare You Can Still Prepare For

If you’re among the thousands of medical students worldwide or are about to pursue a degree in healthcare, it might have dawned on you that the field wouldn’t look the same by the time you get into clinical practice. With drones delivering medical supplies; an ever-increasing wealth of data from personal health sensors; and patients … Read more

FDA Authorizes Marketing of First Device that Uses Artificial Intelligence to Help Detect Potential Signs of Colon Cancer

Even if it’s not directly related to immersive technologies, it’s interesting to see that FDA authorized marketing of a new tool which combines hardware with AI software. Dedicated to the fight against colorectal cancer “GI Genius” can help clinicians to detect fastly little clues of potential lesions. First study show that the tool improves early detection … Read more

Balancing Virtual and In-Person Health Care

We believe a cleaner approach is dedicated sessions of all in-person or all virtual care where the practice setting can be optimized. When offering virtual care, providers will need dedicated equipment, space, and focus to efficiently deliver virtually in a block of time. They can use smart devices (phones and tablets) for virtual visits but … Read more

Digital Health In Plastic Surgery And Cosmetics

When it comes to reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, it might prove challenging to visualize the end results on the actual patient. However, with AR technology, patients can see how their appearance changes after a procedure, even before entering the OT. As usual, The Medical Futurist made a very impressive summary of the evolution of digital … Read more

Innova’s Virtual Patients Offer Cost-Effective VR Medical Training

The virtual patient created by Prof. Dr. Tsai Tsuen-chiuan allows medical student to train in clinical decision making in a very safe way. Founded by Prof. Dr. Tsai Tsuen-chiuan, a pediatrician teaching at Kaohsiung Medical University, and CEO and surgeon Dr. Chen Teh-fang, offers students a robust healthcare education platform that provides doctors-in-training with the … Read more

Unlocking Healthcare’s “Digital Front Door” with Integrated Virtual Care

In this discussion, panelists talk about engage patients in virtual care. It is not focused on immersive technologies but question are close. Panelists talk about experiences “on the field” where each patient is unique and where many issues come from technical points. How to give right device to the right person? How to help him … Read more

4 Examples Of Merging Gaming & Digital Health

In this article, author explain why it’s interesting to “gamify” some parts of health domain and how digitalisation of this sector could benefit of it. From treatment to research, games and games functionalities are powerful tools to help patients. Of course, developers of health apps also made use of gamified features to help users better … Read more

Des chirurgiens mènent une opération à 15 km de distance grâce à la 5G

La présentation de cette intervention à distance met l’accent sur la faible latence apportée par la technologie 5G et ses possibilités dans les futures interventions. L’article précise toutefois qu’il faudra encore un peu de temps pour que cette possibilité devienne courante. L’intervention avait ainsi été réalisée sur place par un robot chirurgical commandé à distance … Read more

Should AI assist in surgical decision-making?

To reduce preventable medical errors, an AI assistance to surgeons is more realistic than a wide spread of robotic surgery. In this article (and the associated paper) authors share some tips to make this assistance real today. The paper’s authors propose AI as an effective augmentation tool to enhance in situ surgical decision making. We’re … Read more