Diligent Robotics raises $10 million for nurse assistant robot Moxi

Moxi is designed to reduce nurse workloads by handling tasks like collecting supplies, gathering soiled linens, and delivering fresh ones, and it’s coming to market during the COVID-19 crisis, when nurses are in short supply. In addition to tackling mundane aspects of the job, the robot can also help reduce health care professionals’ exposure to … Read more

Un nouveau diplôme universitaire sur l’intelligence artificielle appliquée à la santé

La formation, pilotée par l’unité mixte de développement professionnel continu en santé (UMDPCS),  le département du service commun de formation continue et par alternance de l’université de Bourgogne (SEFCA), a été conçue en partenariat avec plusieurs organismes : CESI École d’ingénieurs, le CHU Dijon Bourgogne, le Centre Hospitalier Georges-François Leclerc et le Pôle BFCare qui fédère … Read more

L’Institut Curie et Swiss Life veulent prédire l’efficacité de l’immunothérapie contre le cancer grâce à l’IA

Les deux partenaires lancent un challenge pour aider à la sélection des meilleurs traitements et ainsi améliorer le pronostic vital des malades. Le traitement du cancer évolue régulièrement grâce au développement de nouveaux traitements, mais chaque patient répond différemment aux thérapies. C’est en partant de ce constat que l’assureur Swiss Life et l’Institut Curie, fondation … Read more

The digital future of the healthcare industry

Look at this travel in the close future for healthcare, done by authors from the “NHS Long Term Plan” (UK). Revolutions? By 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to help clinicians in applying best practice and supporting patients in managing their health and condition. Predictive techniques will be used to support local health systems … Read more

The devices, software and other health tech headlines of CES 2020

In this article, author lists many connected devices presented at the last CES. Always between health and wellness, these products will easy everyday life (we hope!) but also highlight the problem of personal data.  CES is back again with scores of new consumer tech products in tow, and digital health is no exception. Players big … Read more

Insilico collaborates with Pfizer on novel data and AI system for target discovery

The last collaboration of the famous Insilico Medicine Hong Kong company is the Pfizer laboratories. After a very busy year 2019 with publications in Nature Biotechnology and more than 35 millions dollars rond, the company increase partnership in the pharmaceutical domain. His patented technology is focused on the use of AI algorithms to find best … Read more

5G is here: how health systems can capitalize on the new cellular standard

In this interview of Clint Cetti (global director of strategy and innovation at AT&T) tals about the uses of 5G and “edge computing” in the context of health. Many things is presented in the text but one of the most interesting is the evolution of the “hospital”. This place will be connected directly to the … Read more

Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality in Medicine

In this short article, Brainlab presents some applications of AR/VR and so-called “MR” in healthcare. When comparing medical virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, all three have their own distinct differences and advantages. In terms of future development of 3D visualization and augmented reality for surgery, mixed reality with its added interactive capabilities, has … Read more

A billion medical images are exposed online, as doctors ignore warnings

As unbelievable as it sounds, billions of picture from patient exams are “freely” available today on Internet. The problem is well known and fully documented since year but number of unsecured data files increase years after years. As healthcare digitization process every day, we can imagine how data security is important for the development of … Read more

Education Solutions for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at VictoryXR

VictoryXR company offers many educational products using virtual reality. Those created with Carolina Biological and focused on dissection are very promising. Teaching anatomy, including the body systems and structure and function, is an integral part of science. But let’s be honest, hands-on dissection isn’t for everyone. Source: Carolina Biological VR Dissection Library | VictoryXR – … Read more