Augmented reality : A new frontier in hospital design

For hospitals, like for many other building, augmented reality is a great help to easy the conception step with true users. Architects use it to show how the building will be and to collect users’ opinion. In this article authors gives many illustration of AR and VR uses in this view. Even the most experienced … Read more

Thermo Fisher Opens VR Training Center In Greenville

Thermo Fisher Scientific (an American biotechnology product development company) use now virtual reality to train new employees in the Greenville’s factory. As the factory looks for more than 100 new people, the VR will be used to shorten training time by up to 50%! For the moment, only a room is operational for 20 persons but other are … Read more

ESOP : notre solution de digitalisation des procédures opérateurs en réalité augmentée

Altran a présenté ce cas d’usage, réalisé en partenariat avec Sanofi, dans le cadre de l’opération ” l’Usine Extraordinaire” l’année dernière au Grand Palais à Paris. Il s’agit de donner des outils facilitateurs à des opérateurs en charge, en particulier, du contrôle qualité en laboratoire. L’utilisation de réalité augmentée projetée permet de ne pas modifier … Read more

Augmented reality startup Apprentice bags $2.5M to build on uptick in biopharma interest

Apprentice uses for the moment 4 types of glasses : Microsoft HoloLens, Epson Moverio BT 200, Vuzix M100 and Vuzix M300. The software suite allows to record video, to see documents and to make a video call. It is very close to other solutions existing in industry. Apprentice has raised money to build out its biopharma-focused augmented … Read more