Augmented reality guides orthopedic surgery

A group from Johns Hopkins University uses augmented reality visualization to help implantation of surgical nails in patients with femoral fractures. Results from first experience show that accuracy is similar to conventional method but procedure time is reduced by nearly 10% and x-ray acquisitions are reduced by 90%. The group from Johns Hopkins University used … Read more

How AR and Computer Mapping are Leading to Safer Medical Procedures

A very simple way to use smartphone AR to help doctors in information visualization ! At the University of Twente in the Netherlands, a research team is developing an economical smartphone technology based on the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology, along with augmented reality (AR). The device allows doctors to reconstruct 3D body sections … Read more

How augmented reality gives one doctor surgical ‘superpowers’

In this article, you will discover how Dr. Joshua Bederson and his team in Mount Sinai Hospital (NYC) use immersive technologies to prepare ans operate complex brain surgeries. The use of “Surgical Theater” software gives surgeons a 360° vision of the patient and is linked to a Occulus VR helmet to see “inside” the brain. … Read more

Augmedics’ augmented-reality surgical system shows promise

In this study about spine surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the use of augmented reality system “xvision” allows a good increase of accuracy (from 94.6% to 96.7% of succeed). The main benefice is that surgeon can work without looking away from the patient. XVS essentially provides the surgeon with ‘X-ray vision’ &mash; enabling them to … Read more

Surgeons use HoloLens to peer into patients’ legs

At St. Mary’s Hospital a team from Imperial College London use a Hololens to see “inside” the body and to prepare surgical interventions. All of the patients first underwent CT scans, to obtain 3D images of the bones and blood vessels in the injured limb. When the HoloLens-wearing doctors were subsequently performing the surgery, those images … Read more

FollowKnee, une prothèse de genou connectée imprimée en 3D

Le projet FollowKnee a ppour ambition de créer une prothèse 100% connectée, destinée à améliorer la pose puis la rééducation des patients. Sélectionné dans le cadre du programme d’investissement d’avenir, FollowKnee est financé à hauteur de 24 millions d’euros dont un tiers par l’Agence Nationale de la Recherche. Il aurait commencé en début d’année et devrait … Read more

New Virtual Reality Technology Allows Scientists to ‘Walk Through’ Brains

Virtual reality systems are perfect tools to help people in visualization of complex pictures, especially from high-performance microscopes (like light-sheet microscope). This new visualization ability has huge impacts on neural research. Dr. Gilles Reymond, Staff Engineer at the Wyss Center outlines the possibilities: “In the future, this could prove a very useful tool to gain … Read more

KineQuantum veut améliorer la kinésithérapie grâce à la réalité virtuelle

In this use of virtual reality, the patient is inside a virtual world where he has to move like a bird (for example). Theses moves are a part a the reeducation program. It is noticed that the patient feels less pain during VR session than during a traditional one. Créée en octobre 2015, KineQuantum veut … Read more

France performs world’s first virtual reality surgery

This operation has been done with Microsoft Hololense. The AR glasses facilitates access to data like X-rays, scanners and MRIs thanks to uses of 3D reconstructed models directly projected on the patient. It is also possible to prepare the operation with these technologies and, during the surgical intervention, the surgeon could be “assisted” by colleagues. … Read more