How can virtual reality improve education and training?

Results in the study show that VR training is, on average, more effective than traditional training, developing students’ technical, practical, and socio-emotional skills. Results are particularly promising in the fields of health and safety, engineering, and technical education. In general, results reveal that students exposed to VR training, score higher in learning assessments, than students … Read more

How VR Technology Can Be of Help to Surgeons

The healthcare industry requires constant development and innovation. One of the notable cases at the intersection of medicine and IT is the use of software with VR and AR by doctors to cope with their professional tasks. These technologies have acquired particular relevance over the past year. We’ll share how robots teach doctors, assist in … Read more

Surgeons cautiously embrace medical metaverse

At the Future Surgery Show in London, it was clear that surgeons were cautiously embracing a medical metaverse to improve collaboration and medical outcomes. In many ways, the surgical industry has been a leader in embracing cutting-edge technologies like surgical robots, augmented reality, and improved patient modeling. It was equally clear that these pieces are … Read more

School of Nursing introduces a new, cost-effective form of training: Virtual reality

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing uses today the immersive solution developed by Oxford Medical Simulation to train nurses to be prepared for difficult situations. Theses tools wasn’t use alone but with other methods like manikins, live actors and clinical visits with hospital patients. This program was boosted by the pandemic situation, as students weren’t allowed … Read more

ASTRA: surgical training system for fetal surgery based on augmented reality and game technology

Discover the project ASTRA, one of projects funded by EPIC MegaGrants. Using the Unreal Engine and Magic Leap augmented reality glasses this project develops a training method for very complex fetuses surgery. Creating a surgical training system based on augmented reality is the main goal of project ASTRA, thanks to funding by EPIC MegaGrants and … Read more

Virtual reality has found a new role: Teaching doctors to deal with patients

It’s not the first time we mention here one of the most fundamental role of VR for healthcare people: the possibility to train to meet patient. As explain in this article, benefits are truly measurable. Of course, every meeting is unique, every people is different but today it’s possible to find applications where virtual people … Read more

New AI ‘virtual patient’ technology to aid NHS medical training

The Virti technology has been developed since several years but the 2020 pandemic was a real boost in usages sharing. This application was awarded by  TIME’s best inventions of 2020. The “virtual patient” uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition and “narrative branching” to simulate realistic patient responses in life-like medical role-plays. The AI impacts … Read more

VRx: How Virtual Therapeutics will Revolutionize Medicine

When most people think of virtual reality (VR), they think of a gaming technology and big, funny-looking goggles. But VR is so much more than that. When used in the right way, at the right time, VR leverages our power to imagine when we need it the most and can help improve quality of life. … Read more

La réalité virtuelle pour apprendre les gestes anti-Covid

L’utilisation de plusieurs modules de formations en accès libre permet aux collaborateurs de tester cette solution sans appréhension et en lien avec les autres modes de formation. À Limoges, c’est grâce à une étroite collaboration avec l’université et le CHU que l’Ehpad des Cinq Sens bénéficie d’un équipement inédit qui va permettre aux infirmiers, aux … Read more

L’Hôpital Privé de la Baie dans la Manche, 1er établissement en France à intégrer la réalité virtuelle pour prévenir les risques au bloc opératoire

Les formations en réalité virtuelle utilisées par l’Hôpital de la Baie fournissent un complément indispensable aux formations classiques à un coût raisonnable et en évitant de mobiliser les lieux stratégiques comme les blocs opératoires. Avec l’innovation comme moteur, les équipes de bloc de l’Hôpital Privé de la Baie ont travaillé en lien avec l’Institut de … Read more