VR in Therapy: VR’s Positive Impact on Mental Health – VRFocus

A review article on the use of RV in treatment of mental illness. Even if numbers are from the UK, it highlights all benefices for patients and therapists. There is currently a clinical trial taking place across NHS trusts throughout the UK, the largest of its kind, led by the University of Oxford and Oxford … Read more

VRx: How Virtual Therapeutics will Revolutionize Medicine

When most people think of virtual reality (VR), they think of a gaming technology and big, funny-looking goggles. But VR is so much more than that. When used in the right way, at the right time, VR leverages our power to imagine when we need it the most and can help improve quality of life. … Read more

Seniors escape isolation of pandemic with the help of virtual reality

A new example of the use of VR to fight loneliness for elder people. As Dr Roger Tabbatt explains, it’s not only a consequence of the actual pandemic but a major change in the care of retired. Recreational therapist Roger Tabbatt began adding virtual reality as a way to not only entertain patients but also … Read more

XRHealth announces Virtual Reality therapy application to help treat ADHD

In this article the XRHealth VR application in presented and all modules are explained. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children and during the pandemic, this VR solution could help many people. XRHealth, a provider of therapeutic extended reality (XR) solutions, has recently announced a new virtual reality (VR) … Read more

The Science of Virtual Reality: How VR Helps with Memory Retention

In this article you will find an interesting summary about the uses of immersive technology in attention and memory. Two main studies are presented and, as you can imagine, VR is very useful for memory retention. It’s safe to say that participants from both studies echoed an overwhelmingly positive response by using VR during learning … Read more

Japanese Firm Develops Myopia-Treating Smart Glasses

Kubota Vision started a clinical trial in 2020 (USA) with a tabletop optical projection device to validate its technology. Results are promising and the company now present a model with a glasses form factor. It’s not exactly augmented reality but a projection on the user retina, which can be completed later with AR elements. The Kubota … Read more

The Surgery Patient’s Perspective on VR Technology

In this short interview Danielle Collins explain how the use of VR has been a extraordinary tool to better understand a very risky brain surgery. With Surgical Theater software, she was “in” her own brain to see the problematic artery. I saw the site of the hemorrhage and could understand that the surgery was necessary. … Read more

Psychothérapie et réalité virtuelle aux Éditions Odile Jacob

Le Dr Eric Malbos publie un livre en collaboration avec Rodolphe Oppenheimer, où il partage presque 20 ans d’utilisations des technologies immersives dans les soins liés à la santé mentale. Une approche didactique qui permet à tous de mieux comprendre comment ces technologies peuvent améliorer la vie des patients. Comment ne plus avoir peur de … Read more

How VR therapy can cure PTSD, obesity and pain of childbirth

From brain injuries to schizophrenia to dental procedures to end-of-life care, VR has “an uncanny ability to diminish pain, steady nerves, and boost mental health — all without drugs and their unwanted side effects,” he writes. It may sound far-fetched, but Spiegel has successfully used VR on 3,000 patients. He believes that it should be … Read more

Dubai Internet City hosts live session on growing importance of VR in mental wellness

Find in this article a short summary of a session dedicated to mental illness and VR in the last Dubai Internet City. The talk heard from Daniel Khayat, Head of Product at HTC VIVE, Niclas Wijkstrom, Co-Founder and CEO of Mimerse, and Dr Sameer Kishore, Head & Founder of Immersive VRx Lab and a Senior … Read more