Harvis: an interactive virtual reality tool for hemodynamic modification and simulation

In this article, authors present new vascular simulations with VR visualisation. We thus developed Harvis, a software platform with a flexible GUI for performing vascular simulations and a VR-capable interface for geometry modification and flow visualization. The aim of Harvis is to streamline and integrate this process for research use and future clinical applications. Source: … Read more

VR drug discovery makes precision therapy a reality | School of Pharmacy

In this article, author explains how pediatric oncologist Beth Apsel Winger and her colleagues from UCSF School of Pharmacy have used VR to design a new drugs for a particular patient. They have developed a special version of the well known visualisation software Chimera called “ChimeraX”. This application allows people to see mutated protein’s shape … Read more

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Can Revolutionize Science?

In this article, Martijn Roelandse introduces a “mixed-reality Hackathon” hosted by Springer Nature and dedicated to exploration of new uses of AR and VR in sciences. It’s very interesting to see that today, many 3D observations (made with confocal devices for example) are still seen on 2D screens! Immersive technologies could revolutionize it, maybe more … Read more