FDA Authorizes Marketing of First Device that Uses Artificial Intelligence to Help Detect Potential Signs of Colon Cancer

Even if it’s not directly related to immersive technologies, it’s interesting to see that FDA authorized marketing of a new tool which combines hardware with AI software. Dedicated to the fight against colorectal cancer “GI Genius” can help clinicians to detect fastly little clues of potential lesions. First study show that the tool improves early detection … Read more

Digital Health In Plastic Surgery And Cosmetics

When it comes to reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, it might prove challenging to visualize the end results on the actual patient. However, with AR technology, patients can see how their appearance changes after a procedure, even before entering the OT. As usual, The Medical Futurist made a very impressive summary of the evolution of digital … Read more

Should AI assist in surgical decision-making?

To reduce preventable medical errors, an AI assistance to surgeons is more realistic than a wide spread of robotic surgery. In this article (and the associated paper) authors share some tips to make this assistance real today. The paper’s authors propose AI as an effective augmentation tool to enhance in situ surgical decision making. We’re … Read more

Recorded Webinar: Using AI and Augmented Mixed Reality to Enhance Training Experiences

In this webinar, Dr. Amar Patel (Chief Learning Officer at CAE Healthcareyou) presents current uses of new technologies in healthcare, and especially of medical simulation training programs Artificial intelligence (AI), mixed reality (MR), and augmented mixed reality (AMR), have become a hot topic across multiple industries worldwide. Yet, educational programs are still grappling with how to … Read more

Enabling health care with artificial intelligence in Australia

In this short article from Dhannu Daniel, managing director at Accenture, you will discover that “93% of health executives have AI projects on their agenda” in Australia! The author explains four big areas where these technologies could be useful, mainly by augmenting people possibilities. A healthcare executive survey showed that an impressive 72% of Australian … Read more