Learning anatomy by virtual reality and augmented reality. A scope review

During the last century, there were no significant changes in the teaching methods of anatomy in universities, predominating expositive lectures, and anatomy laboratory activities. With the advent of new technologies, simulators, augmented reality, and virtual reality, new teaching possibilities have emerged that may provide assistance and, in some situations, replace traditional methods of teaching. In … Read more

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Cardiac Surgery – PubMed

Virtual and augmented reality can be defined as a threedimensional real-world simulation allowing the user to directly interact with it. Throughout the years, virtual reality has gained great popularity in medicine and is currently being adopted for a wide range of purposes. Due to its dynamic anatomical nature, permanent drive towards decreasing invasiveness, and strive … Read more

Virtual and mixed reality inferior to traditional learning in anatomy education

In this article, a team from McMaster University explains results of its latest study about efficiency of VR and AR in teaching anatomy. Immersive technologies in this case don’t help students and, in the contrary, decrease their results! It’s a good reminder that the technology alone can’t solve all problems. Solutions have to be imagined … Read more

CSU Has Deployed a 100 Headset VR Lab for Biomedical Education

The Immersive Reality Training Lab of the Colorado State University is complet with an hundred VR headset and several applications to study anatomy and medical imaging processes. According to Jordan Nelson (one of the lab’s operators) ”  the lab is designed to complement, not replace, existing teaching methods “the lab is designed to complement, not replace, … Read more

Med School without Cadavers?

Cadaverless anatomy education is it possible today, and is it appropriate for a good training? In this article science journalist Bahar Gholipour explains advantages and drawbacks of the VR anatomy. Anatomy education has been resistant to change for so long that Young and others see what is happening now as a sign of a possible … Read more

Operative Anatomy of the Human Skull: A Virtual Reality Expedition

In this article, authors explain the creation of a high quality 3D model of human cranial vault. They also show the benefice of this medication for surgery training, education, and research. The skull models that were presented have the potential to serve as a novel method of understanding cranial anatomy with an emphasis on accuracy, completeness, … Read more