VR Surgery Training Might Be More Effective Than We Thought

Researchers working out of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland recently conducted a study detailing how VR could be a more effective tool for surgical training compared to conventional reading and video methods as well as a practical alternative to physical simulation. Source: VR Surgery Training Might Be More Effective Than We … Read more

Augmented Reality to Enhance the Clinical Eye: The Improvement of ADL Evaluation by Mean of a Sensors Based Observation

The paper proposes the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in a rehabilitative clinical setting with the purpose of supporting the therapist during the clinical observation by providing real-time augmentations using an Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Display. Developed in the context of project AUSILIA (Assisted Unit for Simulating Independent Living Activities), the solution has the objective to … Read more

Activ Surgical raises $45M to develop software suite

Activ Surgical, a Boston-based software developer for robotic surgery, raised $45 million in Series B funding. The funding will support the commercial availability of its ActivInsights software suite, which includes an augmented reality-based overlay that displays tissue perfusion in real time without the use of traditional dyes. Source: Activ Surgical raises $45M to develop software … Read more

Schwan Cosmetics : assurer la maintenance des machines avec la réalité augmentée

Ce cas d’usage explique comme Schwan Cosmetics utilise la réalité augmentée pour assurer la maintenance de ses outils partout dans le monde. Les machines requises pour la fabrication sont développées et produites par Schwan Cosmetics, dans son siège principal de Heroldsberg, près de Nuremberg, et sont exploitées sur huit sites dans le monde entier. Comme … Read more

Microscopes go high-tech thanks to startup Augmentiqs

The updated version developed by Augmentiqs, a startup founded in 2016, is an electro-optic device combining software and hardware that integrates within existing microscopes, connecting them to a PC and transforming them into smart and connected instruments. In this article, Augmentiqs presents his technology to augment optical microscope. This device allows pathologists to tag information … Read more

Simulation médicale : dans la peau du chirurgien

Revinax développe depuis plusieurs années un écosystème d’outils au service des chirurgiens, à la fois pour les aider dans les étapes de formation et dans celles propres aux opérations. Comme le précise son cofondateur, Maxime Ros, l’objectif n’est pas de remplacer le praticien mais de lui donner toutes les informations pour l’aider à améliorer son … Read more

Microsoft aide les malvoyants à mieux appréhender le monde qui les entoure grâce à l’HoloLens

Dans ce projet, l’équipe a choisi d’utiliser une version modifiée de Hololens pour capter l’environnement puis, en passant par un traitement à base d’IA, pouvoir le retranscrire de manière sonore. Le prototype créé par les chercheurs du projet Tokyo consiste en un appareil d’imagerie très sophistiqué qui est capable d’identifier des objets et des personnes. … Read more

How smart glasses will transform surgery

In this short video, we will see how AR glasses is used by a team of Munich’s Technical University in surgery. Researchers at Munich’s Technical University are developing smart surgical glasses for operating theaters. Allowing for a 3D visual representation of the patient, Augmented Reality is set to revolutionize surgery. Source: How smart glasses will … Read more

Effectiveness of the HoloLens mixed-reality headset in minimally invasive surgery: a simulation-based feasibility study

In this article, authors show that the use of Hololens AR helmet improves endoscopic surgery. With a test panel of 72 people from novice to expert level, this study shows a better efficiency than with conventional screens, especially for less skilled people. This study demonstrates that the device facilitated improved outcomes of performance in novices … Read more

An augmented reality approach for ADL support in Alzheimer’s disease: a crossover trial

In this study, authors demonstrate that the use of augmented reality improve the capacities of Alzheimer patient to do complex tasks. Even if the hardware (here they use Hololens from Microsoft) is not adapted to everyday life, this kind of assistance is really promising. In this crossover study, we used an augmented reality approach using … Read more