Are Biotech Startups Ready for Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is increasingly being used to maintain and optimize biomanufacturing processes, which can bring economic benefits for biotech and pharma companies long term. In addition, the technology can provide remote work and knowledge-sharing options, which have proven particularly relevant in pandemic times. However, especially for small to medium-sized life science companies, a better … Read more

Researchers develop new augmented reality app to assess spatial memory

With this application, researchers provide an easy way to train memory for people with Alzheimer’s disease. The tool could be also used to monitor patient illness evolution and to discover early element of spatial disorders for childs Researchers of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and the University of Zaragoza have developed an augmented reality … Read more

A Hand‐Eye Calibration Method for Augmented Reality Applied to Computer‐Assisted Orthopedic Surgery

In this article authors present a new calibration method to increase the precision of the position for a Hololens. Using external system combined with embedded SLAM and a “hand‐eye” based approach, it could be possible to lowered uncertainty on Virtual/Real position close to 3 mm. Augmented reality (AR) allows the surgeon to represent holographic patient‐specific … Read more

Augmented reality for interventional oncology: proof-of-concept study of a novel high-end guidance system platform

In this article, a team from Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Centre (Jerusalem) presents a AR tool to increase the precision of guidance in interventional oncology. With “Endosight” (system name) the team reports a accuracy of less than 5 mm to guide needle thought patient. Even if many things have to be improved (like the compensation … Read more

Augmedics’ augmented-reality surgical system shows promise

In this study about spine surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the use of augmented reality system “xvision” allows a good increase of accuracy (from 94.6% to 96.7% of succeed). The main benefice is that surgeon can work without looking away from the patient. XVS essentially provides the surgeon with ‘X-ray vision’ &mash; enabling them to … Read more

An Augmented Reality Microscope for Cancer Detection

Google present a great combination between Machine Learning and augmented reality to help pathologists to identify cancers. The presented device is “only” a lightly modified light microscope with real-time analyzing computer. The result is directly displayed in the pathologist field of view. Applications of deep learning to medical disciplines including ophthalmology, dermatology, radiology, and pathology … Read more

Expect augmented reality to come up big for pharma marketers

Today augmented reality could be use for many thing in healthcare : to educate professionals, to share with customers or to help them to visualize new concepts. As Arno Sosna (Veeva Systems) say in this article, it’s only the beginning ! “We see augmented reality as another content format,” Sosna said. “There’s an opportunity to go one step … Read more

Mixed Reality in Healthcare by The Medical Futurist

What if medical students could project bear-sized holographic brains in their dorm rooms when studying for an anatomy exam? What if surgeons could use those holograms to prepare for complex surgeries or even support the operations themselves? HoloLens appears to be the platform for the medical application of mixed reality, so I was curious how … Read more