Virtual reality tool to be used in the fight against disease

Science has the technology to measure the activity of every gene within a single individual cell, and just one experiment can generate thousands of cells worth of data. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have now revolutionized the way this data is analyzed—by using 3D video gaming technology. The study is published in the journal … Read more

FDA Authorizes Marketing of First Device that Uses Artificial Intelligence to Help Detect Potential Signs of Colon Cancer

Even if it’s not directly related to immersive technologies, it’s interesting to see that FDA authorized marketing of a new tool which combines hardware with AI software. Dedicated to the fight against colorectal cancer “GI Genius” can help clinicians to detect fastly little clues of potential lesions. First study show that the tool improves early detection … Read more

Virtual realities: research reveals promising intervention in cancer treatment

In the Journal of Cellular Physiology, a team of Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine presented a study where VR is very efficient for stress prevention. The study was done on almost 100 women and results show significant decrease of anxiety level. Innovative research led by Temple College of Science and Technology’s Sbarro Institute … Read more

Challenge IA, Observatoire de l’IA… Comment Pierre Fabre accélère sa transformation digitale

La data est une ressource précieuse pour toutes les entreprises, y compris les groupes pharmaceutiques. Le groupe Pierre Fabre et en particulier sa branche “médicaments et santé” l’a bien compris en multipliant les initiatives d’open innovation comme ce “IA Challenge Santé” organisé il y a quelques semaines à Castres. De telles actions permettent à la … Read more

An Augmented Reality Microscope for Cancer Detection

Google present a great combination between Machine Learning and augmented reality to help pathologists to identify cancers. The presented device is “only” a lightly modified light microscope with real-time analyzing computer. The result is directly displayed in the pathologist field of view. Applications of deep learning to medical disciplines including ophthalmology, dermatology, radiology, and pathology … Read more