Cognixion’s newest wearable is a brain-computer interface that uses AR to convert thought into speech!

This new device from Conixion uses non invasive electrodes to measure weak brain signals and to translate to commands or texts. An AI enabled algorithm can also interpret vocals commands. Developed initially for people with complex communication disorders, this innovation could be used in many other situations. Developed by a team of neurologists, biosignal engineers, … Read more

Virtual Patient Project Aims To Develop Smarter Medical Students

This is a very exiting project, leaded by a research team from University of Texas at Dallas and support by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). It’s about the use of virtual interactions to improve medical students communication skills. The team develops a virtual patient, called Walter with a a degree of emotional … Read more

WHO unveils plans to create a Department of Digital Health

The World Health Organization just announce his plan to create a “Department of Digital Health” with the goal to help countries to understand the power of digital health, potential dangers and ways to implement it. It’s a new and strong signal of the importance of the digital in healthcare. You may also note that WHO … Read more

Pharma wades into the world of virtual reality marketing

Why to use VR and 360° videos in Pharma industries, especially for communication ? Because like in any other domains, it’s immersive and engaging ! In the realm of marketing, the draw of VR stems from its immersive quality. VR headsets provide 360-degree sights and surround sound, while more advanced versions incorporate touch and smells. … Read more

Floreo for social and communication therapy that is immersive and realistic

  Floreo is a typical use of virtual reality to help autistic children to communicate. Floreo, a venture and NIH backed startup, leverages the power of virtual reality to provide safe, immersive, repeatable, and affordable social and communication therapy that is fun and engaging for the user, while allowing a supervising adult to monitor and … Read more