FDA OKs Virtual-Reality Device to Correct Vision Disorder in Kids

The FDA approved the digital therapeutic device Luminopia One for pediatric amblyopia, or lazy eye.The device is approved for children ages 4 to 7 years with anisometropia and/or strabismus and is available by prescription only. By means of a virtual reality headset, the device plays therapeutically modified television programs and movies that help correct the … Read more

Japanese Firm Develops Myopia-Treating Smart Glasses

Kubota Vision started a clinical trial in 2020 (USA) with a tabletop optical projection device to validate its technology. Results are promising and the company now present a model with a glasses form factor. It’s not exactly augmented reality but a projection on the user retina, which can be completed later with AR elements. The Kubota … Read more

Britain Trials Virtual Reality Time Travel to Combat Dementia

The Britain’s National Health Service is testing the use of virtual reality to help people with dementia. With immersive movies, patients are encouraged to recall  their own personal history throught pictures and emotions. Results are very encouraging as Arfa Rehman said (co-founder of Virtue, partner of BNHS) and this partnership may be spread to others areas in Britain. … Read more

Could Pokemon GO, Augmented Reality Apps be Used for Mental Health Therapy?

We know thah geolocalization games like Pokemon Go could help people in doing physical exercises but a new study from the from McMaster University shows that it could also be benefic for those with mental illness. When the game first came out, I noticed patients who had severe social anxiety disorder and a lot of … Read more