Is virtual reality the next frontier of Alzheimer’s diagnosis?

A research team of Cambridge University published an article last month about the use of VR to test development of dementia. For example, a simple VR test of navigation could help physicians to detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease earlier than with standard cognitive tests. VR technologies could also help to test more accurately specific drugs … Read more

How Virtual Reality Can Help Fight Dementia

In this article you will discover “Look Back”, a therapy program from the healthcare startup Virtue. Thanks to Virtual Reality, the program help elder people with dementia syndromes to remember their past. Their memories are a a excellent way to remember who they are and where they come from. Some works also show that reminiscent old … Read more

Britain Trials Virtual Reality Time Travel to Combat Dementia

The Britain’s National Health Service is testing the use of virtual reality to help people with dementia. With immersive movies, patients are encouraged to recall  their own personal history throught pictures and emotions. Results are very encouraging as Arfa Rehman said (co-founder of Virtue, partner of BNHS) and this partnership may be spread to others areas in Britain. … Read more