FDA Authorizes Marketing of First Device that Uses Artificial Intelligence to Help Detect Potential Signs of Colon Cancer

Even if it’s not directly related to immersive technologies, it’s interesting to see that FDA authorized marketing of a new tool which combines hardware with AI software. Dedicated to the fight against colorectal cancer “GI Genius” can help clinicians to detect fastly little clues of potential lesions. First study show that the tool improves early detection … Read more

Thiruvananthapuram-based Embright Infotech uses AI, AR/VR to help autistic children learn bet

In this article, we will discover the product of a innovative Indian company created in 2017 Embright Infotech. Thez have developed Auticare, a virtual reality AI based diagnostic tool which help doctors detect signals of Autism Spectrum Disorder. This device and associated application could also be used as a therapeutic tool. Once the patient (child) … Read more