The role and effectiveness of augmented reality in patient education: A systematic review of the literature

Quantitative results indicated that the use of AR had a positive effect on knowledge retention and patient satisfaction. Qualitative findings suggested that patients liked the technology and felt comfortable with its use for educational purposes. The quality of the retrieved results was shown to be moderate to low. Source: The role and effectiveness of augmented … Read more

Augmented reality: Is this the future of doctor’s appointments?

The BBC Two show Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway shows how future technology could blend with medical appointments, but how close are we to using augmented reality (AR) in our hospitals?In the show, doctors and radiologists work together with digital artists to create 3D representations of patients’ bodies. Then, the patient wears a Microsoft … Read more

Learning anatomy by virtual reality and augmented reality. A scope review

During the last century, there were no significant changes in the teaching methods of anatomy in universities, predominating expositive lectures, and anatomy laboratory activities. With the advent of new technologies, simulators, augmented reality, and virtual reality, new teaching possibilities have emerged that may provide assistance and, in some situations, replace traditional methods of teaching. In … Read more

Education Solutions for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at VictoryXR

VictoryXR company offers many educational products using virtual reality. Those created with Carolina Biological and focused on dissection are very promising. Teaching anatomy, including the body systems and structure and function, is an integral part of science. But let’s be honest, hands-on dissection isn’t for everyone. Source: Carolina Biological VR Dissection Library | VictoryXR – … Read more

Virtual reality, augmented reality can improve surgeons’ training

In this article Justin Barad (CEO of Osso VR) summarizes benefits of AR and VR in the surgeon’s training. He lists, of course, many useful (and up-to-date) examples but you can find also inside the text an interesting reflexion about the future of these technologies. As author explains, immersive technologies in healthcare are more en … Read more

Augmented Reality Positioned to Disrupt Children’s Health

Stayhealthy, a Californian company, has chosen to use AR to help children to better know their own body and health. With the application “Color Quest: an Art Adventure” they allow allow children to understand many things by gaming! The company has spent the last twenty years aggressively pursuing science-based research to define the best way … Read more

Hyderabad’s “Virtual Raasta” Showcases VR-Based Solutions For Healthcare Domain Services

Presented at last Bio Asia 2019, the “Virtual Raasta” is a VR production house based in Hyderabad (India). Since the event, this company has produced healthcare dedicated content in VR, AR and 360° videos. This is a great example of the development of this market in India, maybe one of the biggest market in asia. … Read more

How virtual reality can change the way we see our molecular world

“Nano Simbox” is a application to discover molecular and atomic scale of matter. It’s design to be immersive, fully interactive and collaborative. As Dr. David Glowacki said, this application show the motion of each particles and allow you to “feel” hidden electrical interactions, or more precisely to explore many different configurations of atoms with your … Read more

Virtual reality allows multiple scientists to ‘walk’ through cancer cells

As you may known, 3D cell environments are very relevant to test drugs as its mimic human body much more precisely than 2D experiments (It’s why we develop BIOMIMESYS® in HCS Pharma). But to understand drugs action and efficacy you also need 3D visualization tools. In this article, you will discover how a team from … Read more

Revinax : la réalité virtuelle pour former aux gestes chirurgicaux

Créer en 2015, la société Revinax propose un outil de formation des chirurgiens en réalité virtuel, immédiatement tourné vers la pratique. Sous forme de “tutoriels” l’utilisateur se retrouve à la place du chirurgien et peut apprendre au revoir un acte comme s’il était sur place. L’équipement matériel nécessaire à Révinax est pensé pour être le … Read more